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Motivation Global Travel Ltd. H-1051 Budapest, József Attila u. 1. Phone: +36-1-224-7140 Fax: +36-1-355-8693 E-mail:



Motivation Global Travel Ltd.
  • H-1051 Budapest, József Attila u. 1.
  • Phone: +36-1-224-7140
  • Fax: +36-1-355-8693
  • Adatkezelési nyilvántartási szám: NAIH-90828/2015

Mária Jábor – managing director
Telephone: +36-1-224-7143
Mobile: +36-70-603-7925
Katalin Vadkerti – senior project manager
Telephone: +36-1-224-7144
Mobile: +36-30-424-6683
Adrienn Szűcs – senior project manager
Telephone: +36-1-224-7145
Mobile: +36-30-367-0233
Fruzsina Császár – project manager
Telephone: +36-1-224-7141
Mobile: +36-30-367-0543
Zsófia Schneider – project manager
Telephone: +36-1-224-7146
Mobile: +36-30-423-9859
Beatrix Zsóvár - accountant
Telephone: +36-1-269-0478
Mobile: +36-70-502-9332


Our representation in London:

GMC – Global Marketing Connections

Ms. Susan Scales / Managing Director

Ms. Mercedes Conde-Nieto / Director of Sales

  • Global house, New Malden, Surrey KT3 6PF, UK
  • Tel: +44 (0)20 8949 1234


Susan Scales – managing director Mercedes Conde-Nieto – director of sales Sophia Bannister – sales executive
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Motivation Global has vast experience in producing conferences and events, gained from many years in the business. Our success has come from having a thorough knowledge of the destination.

Our events and programmes are custom-designed and based on the detailed assessment of our clients’ needs and we propose services from the planning stage through to delivery of services.

We match our clients’ requirements to the most suitable elements, offering the best quality available for the price they want to pay.

You will be dealing with the same contact throughout the planning stage and on site, as well as at the financial reconciliation. Depending on the nature of the event we charge for services in different manners